'Silence of the Lambs' house for sale but, not a bite: Real horror only 1 bath?

The house used in the Silence of the Lambs movie is on the market, but Home for sale bethesda md it appears curiosity is the only thing drawing folks to this property. The Silence of the Lambs house gets plenty of traffic, but the sellers haven't gotten an offer, despite a drastic slash in price.

People will drive by to take pictures and even pose in front of homes seen in a movie, but when it comes to settling down, folks dont seem to want any movie history involved. This isn't the first tale of woe heard when it comes to selling a house seen in a classic movie.

CNet News on January 12, points out that this isnt the only house tied to a movie thats sat with a for-sale sign in front of it for ages, without so much as a bite from a buyer. A house in Ferris Buellers Day Off went up for sale back in 2009 with the hefty price tag of $2.3 million. It wasnt until 2013 with the price slashed to $1.5 million that someone bought the house seen in the classic movie.

The Silence of the Lambs house was a location of gore in the movie and that doesnt add to the ambiance of a new home. It appears people arent that enthused about bragging rights these days, so that is why the family living in the home has drastically cut their asking price.

When the Silence of the Lamb house first went on the market back in August 2015, the asking price was $300,000. Today its down to $250,000, but that hasnt solved the problem. As of today, there's no prospective buyer on the horizon.

The home has gathered a lot of interest as Market Watch reports the house "was the second-most-clicked-on home on Realtor.com last year, but all that intrigue hasnt added up to a sale." Again, folks are curious, but they apparently just don't want to live there.

The Silence of the Lamb home is Home for sale bethesda md on Realtor.com along with the description of the Perryopolis, Pennsylvania, property. The house was built in 1910 or 1906, as the listing has both dates for the year it was built. The house has a total of 11 rooms, 5 of which are bedrooms, or 4, as the listing also has a discrepancy of the number of bedrooms.

In written introduction it says you get 5 bedrooms, but at the top of the listing section it says 4. It has a pool, gas log fireplace and detached garage. But Home for sale bethesda md there's no discrepancy about the home only having one bathroom.

The write-up for the home listing does offer up the information that the filming of "Silence of the Lamb" scenes were done in the house. This is considered part of its charm. CNet describes the use of the home in the movie: "Director Jonathan Demme picked the two-story, Victorian-style house located at 8 Circle Street in Fayette County to be the home of Jame Gumb, the serial killer nicknamed by law enforcement as "Buffalo Bill" because he skinned his victims."

It https://www.evernote.com/shard/s484/sh/dea40891-a540-4f3b-9881-5a671b3f7f2f/664a827776181f18a9fac6f0d0927f43 could be that the lack of a sale for this house can be contributed to another horror story inside its four walls that has nothing to do with the movie. A five bedroom home is a house for a family, so if anyone is going to consider Homes for sale bethesda md buying a home this size they are most likely going to have a few kids.

The true horror story just might be the lack of bathrooms. It is listed as a house with only one bathroom. Anyone with older kids and teens can tell you that one bathroom with three or more people trying to make it out the door in the morning would offer up a horror scene. And this horror scene would Homes for sale bethesda md repeat on a daily basis.

Maybe the "Silence of the Lambs" filming in that house isn't the real problem? The problem may go beyond the gore as it may just be the lack of plumbing rendering the home with only one bathroom!

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