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Tuesday, Dec 09, 2014

Ridgewood: About Friday, December 5, 2014, in 7:53 pm the Westside resident reported which their property had been forcibly entered although these were out. the unidentified actor had entered the particular home after smashing a new initial flooring window having a big rock setting off the actual home's alarm system.

A verify of the homeowner's video surveillance system showed the attached pictured actor ringing the leading door along with standing outside of the home just prior to the alarm activation. Additionally your attached pictured vehicle, which in turn appears to be the late model full size pickup truck dark throughout colour feasible by getting an extended cab circled your block just prior towards the activation.

The scene had been processed through the Bergen County Sheriff's Department Bureau associated with Criminal Investigation Crime Scene Unit and in addition the matter can be at present below investigation by the Ridgewood Police Department Detective Bureau. When any person features just about any information relating to this crime please contact Detective Douglas Williams at (201) 251-4537.

Photos from your Ridgewood Police Department

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