Homeowner Tracks Down Alleged Package Thief From Home Security Video Video

Homeowner Tracks Down Alleged Bundle Thief At Home Safety Video Video - ABC News

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Transcript pertaining to Homeowner Tracks Down Alleged package Thief At Home Safety Video

All right, George, we flip to a video which went viral hoping 1 homeowner catch a new criminal in which ripped him off. the outraged victim posting this safety camera on Facebook to assist track down any crook that swiped a FedEx package right from his front porch. ABC's Reena ninan explains. Reporter: Just Take a look only from that video. Watch since this man inside broad daylight walks approximately Dan Dillon's Indianapolis porch and it is caught upon not really one, but 5 safety cameras ripping into this package deal just delivered by FedEx. and strolling away together with $300 earrings, although not before staring immediately straight into this camera. Dillon using his frustration to Facebook prior to planning to police posting the particular videos prominently showing the burglar's deal with writing this message. any of you indy southsiders realize this guy? My wife wants the girl earrings back. a crime is a crime. whether you believe it's correct or perhaps wrong http://har.com/ as well as depending in your circumstances but you just can't steal. Reporter: Virtually 10,000 folks shared his video within just twenty four hours leading the cops directly to this suspect, Brandon Nelms your next day. That was extremely higher high quality video that led to becoming capable of identify the particular suspect. It's just amazing what the internet as well as social media can do and also bringing each 1 regarding these people around. Reporter: one man relying on an army associated with Facebook pals to catch the identical guy, his cameras caught too. Regarding "Good morning America," Reena ninan, ABC news, New York.

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"id":24802965,"title":"Homeowner http://www.holmeshomes.com/ Tracks Down Alleged Bundle Thief from Home Safety Video","duration":"1:29","description":"Outraged homeowner tracked on the thief following submitting security footage in order to Facebook.","section":"GMA","mediaType":"Default"




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